Galentine’s Day: Meet the Girls! (And get freebies)

Happy Galentine’s Day, all you beautiful tropical fish out there! On this special day of ladies celebrating ladies and in this Year of the Rooster, I’d like to introduce special ladies in my life — my three chickens.

I adopted the chickens about two years ago from a friend of mine who had raised them from chicks, and they have been such a joy. They each have such distinct personalities, and there’s something very zen about watching them scratch and peck around the backyard at the beginning and end of the day. You can follow their daily adventures on Instagram, but I thought I’d give you an intro to each of them AND some freebies to show off your chicken love. Now meet the girls!

Meryl Peep
— An Oscar-winning chicken who starred in movies like The Iron Hen. Though she’s the star of her Instagram account, Meryl is actually at the bottom of the current pecking order. She’s a sweet Ameraucana that lays pretty blue eggs.

Agatha Chrispeep — A world renowned author of books like Murder on the Orient Eggspress. She’s also an Ameraucana, but she’s much more adventurous than Meryl. Agatha is always up for an adventure and will run (or fly) to you if she thinks something exciting is happening.

Frida Lay — Not to be confused with the chip, Frida is a feisty New Hampshire chicken who lays pinkish egg when the mood suits her. She is the definite alpha and isn’t afraid to make her opinions known.

Those are my ladies! Do you have chickens of your own? Maybe you just like chickens? Well, show off your chicken love with these free downloadables for your desktop and phone!

Download Chicken Love wallpaper for desktop, iPhone 6, iPhone 5.

Photo credit: Featured image taken by Rosa Trieu.

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