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Disney World Part 3: Food and Drink

I didn’t mean for this series to go past two parts, but it started getting pretty lengthy when I added food information to Part 2 about the Parks. Theme park food generally comes down to chicken fingers and churros — satisfying enough but also tiring after x number of days. Disney World definitely has its fair share, but it also has a wide range of food that fits different budgets and cuisine cravings. This post highlights some of my favorites.

Be Our Guest Restaurant
One of the highlights…

Disney World Part 2: The Parks

Now to the fun stuff! The hotel and logistics information I went over in Part 1 is all part of the Disney Magic, too, but really — you go to Disney World for the parks. And when you travel (or when I do), a big part of the experience is the food and drink.

First, let me start by saying that January is my new favorite time to go. It’s warm as opposed to hot and hurricane-y like it is in…

Cinderella Castle

Disney World Part I: Where We Stayed, Some Practical Info, and Hei Hei

Here’s my first in what I hope will be a long line of travel-related posts! After launching the site, I rewarded myself by going to Disney World. (OK, it was planned months ago and my launch was strategically rushed so I could fit in these here blog posts.) I’ll admit that my family and I are pretty big Disney fans. Our house had the movies and songs on repeat, and we had the fortune of making a trip to a…